MR. RACE OIL® Custom Shop Racing Oils

MR. RACE OIL® Custom Shop Racing Oils

Say good-bye to generic racing oils! MR RACE OIL® Custom Shop professional high performance synthetic racing oil is designed SPECIFICALLY for YOUR Engine, YOUR Fuel, YOUR Operating Conditions, and YOUR Type of Racing. Proprietary next-generation anti-wear and anti-friction technologies provide protection against wear and deposit formation while simultaneously helping to liberate maximum power from your racing engine.

MR RACE OIL® Custom Shop Drag Racing Oil is engineered to match the fuels, engine types, and shock loading present in the various classes of drag racing. MR RACE OIL® Custom Shop Drag Racing Oils are designed exclusively for drag racing. All of our drag racing oils include our proprietary horsepower-boost technology which is active in cool engines to hot engines; so no matter what temperature your engine is at when you are at the starting line or finish line, we will help you achieve maximum power. Our exclusive anti-wear technology includes Cam-shield® Premium ZDDP and is designed to provide outstanding wear protection across the same temperature range.

Key benefits:

Full synthetic, shear stable formula
Consistent high film strength provides superior protection for bearings and piston skirts
Excellent resistance against oxidation and attack from contaminants
Proprietary technology helps reduce harmful effects of fuel dilution from gasoline, racing gasoline, racing alcohol, and nitromethane.
Excellent air bubble dissipation
Enhances bearing protection
Enhances precision of hydraulically actuated variable valve mechanisms
Proprietary technology protects DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) and other surface coatings
Engineered to provide performance benefits in competition race engines – not for street use. Not suitable for cars with catalytic converters.
Designed for roller lifter engines. For flat tappet camshaft engines, please ask for Custom Shop flat tappet formula.

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