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(Randolph, N.J)—MR.RACE OIL®, a division of Cam-shield®Lubricants, is proud to announce the introduction of its Custom Shop line of racing oils. These racing oils are specifically designed for a racer’s engine, fuel and specific form of racing.

Tim Miranda, President and Chief Formulator of the Custom Shop oils, noted that “the proprietary next generation anti-wear and anti-friction technologies provide protection against wear and deposit formation while simultaneously helping to liberate maximum power from your race engine.”

RACE OIL® Custom Shop is available for drag racing, oval track, road course, vintage and superboat racing applications. MR. RACE OIL® Custom Shop is sold in 1 Gallon containers with a 5 Gallon minimum order. Nitro drag race oil is sold in 30 Gallon minimum quantities.

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