MR RACE OIL® Oval Track Racing SAE 15W-50 1 Qt. 6-Pack



MR RACE OIL Oval Track Racing Oil is engineered specifically for oval track racing.  Proprietary next-generation anti-wear and anti-friction technologies provide protection against wear and deposit formation that can occur from the extreme stresses of sustained oval track racing, while simultaneously helping to liberate maximum power from your racing engine. Formulated with MR RACE OIL proprietary  horsepower-boost technology, which is active in cool engines and hot engines, to help your engine achieve maximum power whether you are cold qualifying or running hot race laps.  Exclusive Cam-Shield Premium ZDDP anti-wear technology provides outstanding wear protection.

  • Full synthetic, shear stable formula
    • Consistent high film strength provides superior protection for bearings and piston skirts
    • Excellent resistance against oxidation and attack from contaminants
  • Proprietary technology help reduces harmful effects of fuel dilution from gasoline, racing gasoline, and racing alcohol
  • Excellent air bubble dissipation
    • Enhances bearing protection
    • Enhances precision of hydraulically actuated variable valve mechanisms
  • Proprietary technology protects DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) and other surface coatings
  • Engineered to provide performance benefits in competition race engines - NOT FOR STREET USE.  Not suitable for cars with catalytic convertors
  • Designed for roller lefter oval track racing engines and for flat tappet crankshaft oval track racing engines

Kinematic Viscosity at 100C typically 18 cSt, depending on your teams requirement.

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 9.5 in


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