High Performance Roller Bearing Lube



With SYNERGY Technology

  • Roller Rocker Bearings
  • Roller Lifter Bearings

High Performance Roller Bearing Lube is the Ultra-High performance lubricant designed to immediately enter difficult to reach roller bearings in roller rockers and roller lifters, and then stay in place indefinitely.
NO MORE SOAKING roller rockers and roller lifters in oil buckets to lube the bearings!

  • Extremely low friction and low wear performance.
  • Top professional grade.
  • Full synthetic formula
  • Very high concentration of active components is performance driven, not cost driven.
  • High concentration of Molybdenum for low friction performance
  • High concentration of CAM-Shield® Premium ZDDP for excellent anti-wear protection in highly loaded valve trains
  • Proprietary SYNERGY technology amplifies the low friction and low wear performance of the moly and ZDDP
  • Proprietary SYNERGY technology retains the lubricant in the bearings indefinitely to prevent dry bearings
  • Precise delivery system
  • Color-coded Green for easy, positive, identification

1 Fl. Oz. clear squeeze bottle with precision dispensing system

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 6 in